Hot Desk Terms & Conditions

The policies detailed here apply on top of the terms below

OneUp Obligations

To provide access for the Customer to the OneUp space during the license period until expiry of the license period or any other expiry reason as detailed below

To permit the Customer to use the OneUp space as offices and to use OneUp fixtures and fittings whilst in the space

Provide heating, lighting, cleaning, kitchen and toilet facilities for common use

Customer Obligations

Keep the space tidy and use the space and all its furniture and equipment in a reasonable manner and so as not to cause damage to either the building or contents

Pay the license fee on the due dates, plus VAT at the current rate on all fees invoiced by OneUp. Payment to be made via Direct Debit or Credit/Debit card.

Pay all charges relating to extra services, including, but not exclusively, printing, room hire, storage and secretarial services

Observe and abide by all the rules and regulations as stated by OneUp

Conduct your business in a way that does not interfere with OneUp or other customers or occupiers of the building. Any violation by a Customer’s employee will be deeded to be the act of the Customer.

Vacate the space on the expiry of this license

Indemnify OneUp from and against all costs, losses claims and demands arising out of any breach by the Customer of any of the terms of this licence.

The Customer shall not:

- Impede or interfere with OneUp’s right of possession and control of the space and building, obstruct stairs, passages or other common areas of the building.

- Use or permit any other person to use the space as its registered office without prior written permission from OneUp

- Bring any office furniture into the building or connect to any utility or telecommunication service without prior written permission from OneUp

- Alter the space in any way without prior written permission from OneUp

- Interfere with the conduct of OneUp’s business in any way

- Allow any other person, company or body (other than the Customer’s own staff and employees) to use the space

- Allow any employee or member of staff to work outside of the space operating hours within the space

- Cause any nuisance or inconvenience to OneUp or to other customers or occupiers or do anything that may bring the building into disrepute

- Affix or display anything on the windows or doorways without prior permission from OneUp

The Customer agrees that nothing in this Licence shall create the relationship of landlord and tenant or confer on the Customer any estate or right outside the terms of this Licence nor any security of tenure. This Licence is personal to the Customer and is not capable of assignment.

OneUp strongly advises the Customer to insure against all potential losses, damages, claims, expense or liabilities which might arise out of (but not limited to): its own property brought into the space or elsewhere into the building of which the space forms part; its own liability to its employees and third parties; business interruption; and any other matter under this Licence where OneUp excludes liability.

Limit of Liability

OneUp is not liable for any loss as a result of its failure to provide a service as a result of mechanical breakdown, strike, maintenance, repair or a shortage of fuel, water, materials or labour unless OneUp’s failure to provide is deliberate or negligent;

OneUp will not have any liability for any loss, damage or claim which arises as a result of, or in connection with, the Customer’s agreement and/or the Customer’s use of the services except to the extent that such loss, damage, expense or claim is directly attributable to OneUp’s deliberate act or OneUp’s negligence;

OneUp is not liable for any failure until the Customer has told OneUp about it and given a reasonable time to put right; and

OneUp will not in any circumstances have any liability for:

loss of business, loss of profits, loss of anticipated savings, loss of or damage to data, third party claims, in each case whether direct or consequential;

any consequential loss

Expiry of License

This license may be expired:

On not less than 1 months notice, in writing, given by OneUp to the Customer or by the Customer to OneUp

Immediately on notice in writing from OneUp to the Customer in the event that the Building and / or space becomes unusable due to fire, explosion or any other cause, and any advance payment of Licence Fee made by the Customer prior to such notice in respect of a period after that date shall be repaid by OneUp to the Customer.

30 days notice in writing from OneUp to the Customer in the event of the Customer committing a breach of his obligations in this Agreement.

Immediately by OnUp iin the event that the Customer suffers an event of insolvency including receivership, administration, bankruptcy or liquidation

In the event that the Customer vacates the space prior to the expiry of this Licence, OneUp reserves the right to refurbish and remarket the space so that it may immediately be re-let on the expiry of this Licence.

Cobot Terms & Conditions

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